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About us

ECOESTIA is an innovative and rapidly developing technical – engineering – construction company with extensive experience in the field of private and public technical projects.

The company provides integrated solutions, friendly to the environment, using materials of very high standards.

Our vision is to be a leading company in the construction sector, which operates with a high sense of social responsibility by offering innovative high-level services to its customers.”

Human resources

“The business success of ECOESTIA is due, to a large extent, to the group of people that make it up. It is staffed by experienced administrative staff, qualified engineers, of various specialties, with excellent knowledge and many years of experience in the design and study of technical projects, as well as specialized technicians suitable to successfully implement each client’s investment.

A characteristic of the company, which sets it apart from the rest, is the team spirit of cooperation which it tries, at every opportunity, to promote and which is evident in the very good relations which have developed between the staff and the management.”

Corporate social responsibility

“The company, having a fully recognized business activity, operates based on trust, responsibility, reliability and respect for its customers.

To the company’s customers
The methodology, which is followed for the construction of all the projects, ensures for its clients certified implementation of high standards, modern and certified mechanical means, as well as excellent and certified work services on the construction site from the beginning to the end.

To the employees of the company
The company’s main concern is the safety, health and good working conditions of its employees. Knowing the great blow that the economic crisis has caused in our country (Greece) in recent years, it tries, with every available resource, to ensure the best quality of life for both its employees and their families.

To the environment
Respect for the environment is for us an integral part of our corporate policy. The continuous effort to improve the environmental performance of our company, as well as the observance of the legislative requirements in the implementation of each project, are the main axes on which we carry out our activities.”

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